JUST PRINT – Case Study

We are a 3D printing company based in the UK printing directly from professional machines operated by a highly experienced team.  Why not get a free 3D printing quote now.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our carefully selected materials and beautifully printed parts.  We have worked hard to select the finest materials and employ the best industry practices.  “Where to 3D print?” is a question many clients ask themselves, with our market-leading technology, our know-how and our can-do spirit look no further than 3D Rapid Print.

One of our recent projects was to manufacture some bespoke printed circuit board support stands and pogo pin supports for Captec.  Captec is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of specialist computing platforms engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.  They had experience of FDM printing through their existing supplier, but they were unable to achieve the small features and tolerances that these supports required.  Fortunately, our Objet30 Pro printer is ideal for producing small features and in a choice of materials that are electrically insulating.

Normally, the Objet30 pro prints a matt surface finish, but Captec required the glossy surface finish which can result in sharp edges where the supporting material finishes.  However, careful positioning of the components on the print bed ensures that any edges are not visible.

The Objet30 Pro used VeroBlue in this print with the standard 0.026mm layer thickness.  Which took around 4 hours to print.  After printing the component together with the support material is agitated for 4 hours in a chemical bath to remove dissolve the support material, leaving the printed component.  The STL files were sent over on the Friday and they were with Captec the following Tuesday, well before the required delivery date.

The 3D Rapid Print team are simply trying to demonstrate, educate, and inspire our growing customer list.  We hope that you, the professional designer, begin to use our service in every aspect of the design stage, we will endeavour to keep up to date with the latest materials and 3D Printing technologies just as long as you keep sending us your STL files to bring your fascinating products to market with our excellent service.  Not only will you bring your product to market quicker than your competition, we’d like to think that your business can see the benefit of using our professional 3D printing services to cut costs, increase production, and save time and money in every phase of the development cycle.


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