Final Product Manufacture

You have done the designing, testing and prototyping and are now ready to take it to the next stage, but how?

The 3D Rapid Print team can help you by using our extensive network of engineering companies to find the ideal manufacturing technique and company to fulfil your order. This saves you time and we can match the provider to your design requirements.

We can ensure quality, speed and a competitive cost for you.

Our Final Product Manufacture Process

1. Review
It is always important to check that everything is correct before starting on the costly process of full manufacture. A small error that would cost very little to be corrected at this stage would be very expensive to correct at a later stage. The three things we at 3D Rapid Print specifically check are the Design Requirements, Production Numbers and the Design.

A. Design Requirements
A review of the design requirements is essential to determining the correct manufacturing process. Depending on what the component is to be used for, the environment it is to be used in and the loading cycle can have an impact on how the component is to be made.

B. Production Numbers
Set up cost and time on the machine at two of the biggest influences on the manufacturing cost. The production numbers affect which production process to use.

C. Design
The design is obviously very important to the choice of manufacturing process. This review identifies which process would be most suitable for the design.

2. Discuss Manufacturing Feasibility
With Suppliers

Once the initial review has been successfully completed, we at 3D Rapid Print will have had several ideas about the most economical way to manufacture the components to meet the delivery schedule. We will then discuss the proposal with our large number of suppliers to ensure that the best value can be achieved for our customer.

3. Generate Manufacturing Proposal
Once we have collated the best manufacturing proposals, we would collate them into one proposal with a ranking against the design requirements to help identify which proposal would be the best.

4. Discuss With Customer
The manufacturing proposal would then be discussed with you and any issues clarified until you are happy with what is proposed.

5. Issue Detailed Quote
Only when the previous stages have been completed will we issue a formal quote. This prevents wasting our time and the customer’s time generating quotes for proposals that were not feasible.

6. Manufacture
With the quote accepted and the component ordered, the production is commenced.

7. Continuous Review Of Quality
We do not walk away from the job once the order has been placed. We will continue to check on the quality and delivery of the components to ensure that it is acceptable. If there are any problems, we will talk with the manufacturer to ensure that they issues are corrected without delay.

8. Despatch To Customer
Only when the components have been checked and certified as satisfying the required quality are they carefully packed and despatched to the customer.

9. Customer Feedback
It is always important to us that we know how well we have performed and satisfied our customer requirements. Therefore, we will always request any and all customer feedback to ensure our service is the best.


All 3D Rapid Print products are backed by the following satisfaction
guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the
products from 3D Rapid Print then either.

The cause of the non-conformity
will be identified and the revised components remanufactured at no cost to the customer

The customer will get a full
refund and keep the printed components


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