When you have a CAD design saved as an STL file then this rapid turnaround service is perfect for you.


When you have an idea, but don’t have the time or facility to put it into a CAD design, we will put it into a CAD design and print it for you.


You have done the designing, testing and prototyping and are now ready to take it to the next stage. We can help you here.


1. Review Customer Requirements
Determine what the components will be used for. This helps to determine what material and printing process to use. If the components are to be used in a prototype that needs to be mechanically strong, then this would preclude the use of some materials and printing processes. If dimensional accuracy more important than mechanical properties, then different materials and printing processes would be more suitable. The quantity required is needed as the cost of 3D prints does not reduce as the number ordered increases. Having a large number of large components may mean that the first one is 2D printed as a prototype, then the rest use other, more suitable, manufacturing techniques (e.g. vacuum polymer casting). Sometimes, 3D printing will not satisfy the customer requirements and we at 3D Rapid Print will tell the customer that. However, we will always strive provide a solution using our strategic partners.

2. Review 3D Model
This is where we review the model provided by the customer to ensure that it is suitable for 3D printing. It is also where we suggest the best materials and printing technique. There may be an opportunity to improve the model so that it is easier to print, saving time and money for the customer.

3. Generate Proposal
After reviewing the requirements and 3D model, we generate a proposal for the customer which outlines what printing technique and material we suggest would best fulfil their requirements together with delivery time and costing.

4. Discuss With Customer
The proposal is sent to the customer and we will discuss it in detail to ensure that the customer knows what we are proposing and why. It will also confirm delivery time. This is the final check to make sure we will produce what he customer wants.

5. Issue Detailed Quote
Only when the previous four stages have been completed will we issue a formal quote. This prevents wasting our time and the customer’s time generating quotes for proposals that were not feasible.

6. 3D Printing
With the quote accepted and the print ordered, the 3D printing process is commenced.

7. Review Quality
Once the component has been printed, it is quality checked against the customer’s requirements and 3D Rapid Print’s quality standards to ensure that it is acceptable for delivery. If thee are any problems with the print, they will be corrected and the component reprinted at no extra cost to the customer.

8. Despatch To Customer
Only when the components have been checked and certified as satisfying the required quality are they carefully packed and despatched to the customer.

9. Customer Feedback
It is always important to us that we know how well we have performed and satisfied our customer requirements. Therefore, we will always request any and all customer feedback to ensure our service is the best. However, despite all the checks it is possible that the customer is not satisfied. In this situation we will offer a reprint at no extra cost, correcting any deficiencies, or give them their money back.


All 3D Rapid Print products are backed by the following satisfaction
guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the
products from 3D Rapid Print then either.

The cause of the non-conformity
will be identified and the revised components remanufactured at no cost to the customer

The customer will get a full
refund and keep the printed components


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