In 2016, Finnish conceptual artist and “What The Future Venture Capital” (WTFVC) CEO Janne Kyttanen, launched his new “food-tech” start-up, Pixsweet, selling all-natural, customizable and 3D printable ice lollies. They count companies like Apple, Disney, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Warner Brothers, and even several Minor League baseball teams as their launch customers! Pixsweet’s creations have been as varied as emojis, logo and mascots; they also recently collaborated with 3D printer provider Sinterit to make ice lollies for Californian clothing brand RipnDip.

Pixsweet used Sinterit’s desktop Lisa 2 as an efficient way to 3D print ice lolly moulds. Lisa2 can create parts without needing to use supports and uses a nitrogen chamber to print with more sorts of materials. Pixsweet would normally have to spend about €50 for a part at a regular 3D printing service bureau; Lisa 2 lowers this only €21. Furthermore, it can take service bureaus close to week to 3D print a 3D printed part, but Lisa 2 helps Pixsweet get its products to market in a single working day.

Recently, Pixsweet made used of the Sinterit Lisa 2 for a project with RipnDip, which was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The clothing brand is most famously known for its rude hand gesture making cat Lord Nermal. The partnership used Sinterit’s SLS technology to create a completely customized experience for the tour, 3D printing ice lolly moulds featuring RipnDip’s signature cat, aliens, and logo by the thousands, while also creating custom sleeve packaging for its pop-up events.


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