OBJET 350 CONNEX 3 – Material Information


A wide range of materials are available for use in PolyJet printing with key benefits outlined below, depending on application.

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Rigid Opaque

Available in four colours; white, blue, black, grey cyan magenta, yellow & pure white (a brilliant white 20 percent brighter than normal white with twice the opacity).  Rigid Opaque can print detailed models combining dimensional stability and fine detail.  Rigid Opaque materials are a key component in realistic prototypes that look like end products, and fit-for-purpose tooling that allows a faster move into production. They provide excellent detail visualization. 3D print smooth, attractive prototypes to test the fit, form and function of static parts, moving components or complex assemblies.  Accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling can also be produced using this material.

Transparent Rigid

With a combination of clarity, dimensional stability and surface smoothness, Transparent PolyJet photopolymer enables prototypes of clear products from eyewear and light covers to medical devices. This rigid, nearly colourless material has proven dimensional stability for general purpose, fine-detail model building and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as PMMA. Transparent materials are ideal for applications including;

  1. Form and fit testing of clear or see-through parts
  2. Glass, eyewear, lighting covers and light-cases
  3. Visualization of liquid ow
  4. Colour dyeing
  5. Medical applications
  6. Artistic and exhibition modelling

Simulated Polypropylene

Simulated Polypropylene material is tough, flexible and durable. It enables 3D print precision prototypes that look and behave like polypropylene for testing snap- fit assemblies, living hinges and durable housings and packaging. It comes in a bright, true white with PolyJet technology’s signature ne resolution and smooth curves. Durus (RGD430) is the original simulated Polypropylene material, and exhibits great impact resilience and an elongation at break of 44 percent.

High Temperature Material

This material combines heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability. It can simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and is ideal for testing applications such as hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and taps. High Temperature material has a heat deflection temperature of 63–67 °C (145-153 °F).

The material has a wide range of applications including;

  1. Form, fit and thermal functional testing of static parts
  2. High-definition parts requiring excellent surface quality
  3. Exhibition modelling under strong lighting conditions
  4. Heat resistant jigs and fixtures
  5. Post-processing including painting, gluing or metallization processes
  6. Models in transit
  7. Taps, pipes and household appliances
  8. Hot air and hot water testing

Rubber Like Materials

Tango and TangoPlus simulate thermoplastic elastomers with flexible, rubber-like qualities. Agilus30 is a PolyJet Photopolymer with superior tear-resistance, capable of withstanding repeated flexing and bending.  They are ideal for testing and verifying visual, tactile and functional applications such as grips, gaskets and footwear, Tango and Agilus30 produce soft, flexible prototypes that require shock absorption, vibration dampening or a non-slip surface. Blend Tango and Agilus30 with other PolyJet photopolymers for different hardness, elongation and tear resistance levels.

Biocompatible Material For Medical & Dental

Biocompatible MED610 material is ideal for medical and dental applications requiring precise visulization and prolonged skin contact, up to 30 days skin contact and up to 24 hours mucosal membrane contact.  Biocompatible material has five medical approvals including cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, delayed type hypersensitivity, irritation and USP plastic class VI.

Simulated Abs Plastic For High-Temp Resistance And Toughness

Digital ABS Plus creates realistic, precise parts and tools that are tough and heat resistant. Designed to simulate durable production plastics, Digital ABS Plus delivers high impact strength with high-temperature resistance and superior finish.


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