Here at 3D Rapid Print, one of the fastest growing 3D Printing companies in the Thames Valley, we like to keep abreast of the latest innovations in 3D printing.

In late May 2021, ICON of Austin, Texas unveiled the new incarnation of its Vulcan construction 3D printer and launched its new series of 3D printed houses, named the Exploration Series. (ICON describes itself as an “advanced construction technologies company dedicated to revolutionizing homebuilding.”) Designed by Lake|Flato Architects of San Antonio, the first house in the series is named House Zero, and sports what ICON described as “an elevated architectural and energy efficient design that highlights the benefits of resiliency and sustainability only found in homebuilding through 3D printing.” (San Antonio is also in Texas.)

Under construction unsurprisingly in East Austin, House Zero is intended to feature 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, more than 2,000 square feet of living space, and a 350-square-foot 1 bedroom/1 bath accessory dwelling unit. Regarding the new iteration of the Vulcan, ICON boasted that it is 1 and a half times larger and twice as fast as the previous version, and that it can 3D print structures that measure up to 3,000 square feet in area. Weighing circa 9,500 lbs, it also sports an automated control system and can be operated via a mobile app that ICON developed.

Another recent example of 3D printing’s use in construction includes what claims to be India’s first 3D printed house, of which news broke in late April 2021. The single-storey, 1 bedroom, 600-square-foot house was built by self-described “IIT M Alumni startupTvasta of Chennai on the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, also in Chennai.

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