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On October 10th 2019, the University of Maine’s Composites Center (UMaine) received 3 Guinness World Records for the world’s largest prototype polymer 3D printer, the largest solid 3D printed object and the largest 3D printed boat. The ceremony was livestreamed on Facebook and was attended by more than 250 federal and state officials, business executives, University of Maine System leaders and community members. UMaine claims that its new 3D printer can consume 500lbs (227kg) of plastic polymer pellets in an hour, and could print an object measuring 100ft long, 22ft wide and 10ft tall.

Named 3Dirigio, the 3D printed boat measures 25ft long, weighs 5,000 lbs (2,268kg), was printed in 72 hours and cost $40,000 worth of material to make. To demonstrate its seaworthiness, it was placed in the facility’s ocean simulator wave basin. (The name 3Dirigio is a reference to the State of Maine’s motto “Dirigio”, which is Latin for “I Direct” or “I Lead.”)

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) of Tennessee had held the world record forLargest solid 3D-printed item” since August 2016, for a 2.33 m³ (82.4 ft³) trim tool used in the manufacturing of the Boeing 777X aeroplane wing. UMaine and ORNL are currently working on a $20 million research collaboration, which will focus on creating a new sort of recyclable 3D printing material, which they hope will be to make things like concrete casks and moulds for boats. UMaine also received $500,000 from the Maine Technology Institute to help Maine’s boat building community investigate how large-scale 3D printing could help the industry.

On a side note, the world’s first 3D printed campervan was made in Saskatoon, Canada in late February 2018. Even before its creators had started printing it, they proclaimed that it would be the largest 3D printed object ever made. However, Guinness has never acknowledged its existence for reasons unknown. Other record-breaking 3D printed objects include a 37.7m (123ft 8.25in) long beam made by aerospace technology company Made In Space of Mountain View, California.

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