Here at 3D Rapid Print, one of the fastest growing 3D Printing companies in the Thames Valley, we like to keep abreast of the latest innovations in 3D printing.

On April 30th 2021, Project Milestone of Eindhoven, the Netherlands announced that the tenant to what it proclaimed as “the first ever Dutch 3D-printed concrete home” had received their keys. Project Milestone is a collaboration to 3D print 5 concrete houses involving:

(Baarn, Amsterdam and Deventer are all in the Netherlands.) Located in the Eindhoven neighbourhood of Bosrijk, the detached, single-storey house has 94 square metres of floor space and 2 bedrooms. (Project Milestone intends to build the other houses with multiple storeys.) In addition, Project Milestone claimed that the collaborators deliberately challenged themselves by building the house in the shape of an irregular boulder with inclining walls.

The house was built from 24 separate 3D printed concrete parts that were made off-site before being placed onto the building’s foundations. Next, the house’s roof and frames were added before finishing touches were applied. The project’s 5 houses are intended to be built sequentially, which Project Milestone argues will maximise what can be learnt from building one house so that this can be applied to building the next house.

Another recent example of 3D printed houses involves construction companies Mighty Buildings of Oakland and Palari of Beverly Hills. In March 2021, they announced that development had begun on what they proclaimed as “the world’s first community of 3D-printed zero net energy homes” in Rancho Mirage. (Oakland, Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage are all in California.). However, as of early June 2021 the project is in limbo due to the building material Mighty Buildings wants to use not having approval from the relevant Californian authorities.

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