Here at 3D Rapid Print, one of the fastest growing 3D Printing companies in the Thames Valley, we like to keep abreast of the latest innovations in 3D printing.

On July 16th 2020, fast food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) of Louisville, Kentucky announced that it would be collaborating with biotechnology research laboratory 3D Bioprinting Solutions of Moscow, Russia to develop the world’s first 3D printed chicken nuggets. KFC proclaimed that they would be as close as possible to the original in taste, texture and physical appearance, while being more environmentally friendly to make. Testing the final product is already planned for this autumn.

In exchange for 3D Bioprinting Solutions developing the necessary technology, KFC will supply the necessary ingredients to achieve the signature KFC taste. (The ink used to 3D print the nuggets is intended to be made out of a combination of plant material and chicken cells.) 3D Printing Solutions had previously collaborated with food technology start-up Aleph Farms of Rehovot, Israel, who 3D printed a steak onboard the International Space Station in October 2019.

Another recent example of 3D printed food includes that of food technology company Redefine Meat (also of Rehevot). In late June 2020, they unveiled their 3D printed, plant-based imitation beef steak that they call Alt-Steak. They claim that manufacturing it takes 90% less water, uses 95% less land, and emits 90% less carbon dioxide than meat from a cow. Testing the Alt-Steak at restaurants is planned for later this year, feedback from which will be used to refine the product for when it is intended to hit the market some time in 2021.

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